About Us

We are Hedgehog Leather, suppliers of all the items a person who is thinking of taking up leather working may need and those who are already doing leathercraft may still require as their experience expands.

For many years, we have been repairing antique items that required either repairs on the leather or in some cases having to re-produce the part and have had to buy a large quantity, which was not really required for the small item, we were working on.

Along the way, as many have found out, companies only want to sell you large amounts of leather, buckles, rivets, dyes, thread etc. or for one job you require one tool, but for the next another, but when you first start on a project that is not really what you need, it can prove to be an expensive way of seeing, even if you actually like leather working. 

Not anymore, Hedgehog Leather has been set up to help those who only require a smaller quantity of leather, not a whole shoulder, a few rivets instead of 100's, a buckle to fit onto their newly tooled belt and the ability to purchase the tools required at a reasonable price.

We are mail order only, to enable us, to make sure we are able to keep our prices lower, so a novice can try their hand at leather craft, without breaking the bank or their spirit at what can be a very enjoyable experience at seeing their finished project and exclaiming "I made that".